What is video bingo?


Video bingo is an online game that combines the excitement of slots with the fun of bingo. Just as online slot games are an evolution of slot machines, so too has traditional bingo followed a similar path. Bingo has joined the digital age by combining the fun of slots with it to create exciting video bingo games, which you can enjoy at online casinos. Feel the thrill of waiting for your number to come up and win big prizes!

Top 5 most popular video bingo games

Every year we publish many video bingo games on our website. We enjoy great games almost every month, and many of them become our users’ favourites. But what are the 5 most popular videobingo games on our website?

Click on the name of the game you want to access its page and find out all the information about it. Come and have fun with us!

Calaca Party Video Bingo

video bingo

If you are a fan of Mexican culture, this is the video bingo for you!

Choose your cards, try your luck and try your hand at Bingo. This video bingo contains 30 numbered balls, if you find a winning combination, you will receive the prize shown, enter one of the fun bonus games and try to win again! Have fun with Calaca Party! Play one of the hottest video bingo games of the moment!

Cleopatra Bingo

Have you ever dreamed of meeting the youngest Egyptian queen in history? Now you can do it without leaving home!

Go through pharaohs, sarcophagi and mummies as you try to win a prize by playing video bingo! 16 ways to win a prize with 30 balls and 14 bonus balls! Explore the pyramids through the 3 mini-games and collect golden symbols together with Cleopatra Bingo.

Can you find the highest prize in this video bingo game?

Mariachi Bingo

bingo game

Mexican themed video bingo seems to be the most popular! This video bingo is centred around mariachis, their music and their joy, all to give you an incredible time full of excitement!

In this video bingo you draw 30 balls out of a possible 60 and you can even have 4 cards, with 14 possible prize patterns! There are also 3 options to access the bonus mini-games. Try your luck with Mexican Mariachis!

Sea Bingo

It’s always been said that the best treasures are hidden under the sea… Grab your diving goggles and snorkel because the real party is at Sea Bingo!

Another of the most popular videobingo games on our website is Sea Bingo, a videobingo game where you will find various marine animals that will accompany you on this fantastic adventure. Choose 4 cards and try your luck under the sea, you can also unlock up to 3 bonus mini-games, are you ready to play?

Carnival Bingo

You can tell that our users like to party, among the most popular videobingos, Carnival Bingo is a must. Start a trip to the Brazilian lands to enjoy the carnival while balls are coming out to find the winning combination in one of the 4 cards that you can have.

With this video bingo you will vibrate from the first musical bars, as it offers you a very striking and festive design. A game full of colour, music and exotic dances, are you ready to have a great time?

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