What is online sports betting?

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If you’re one of those people who, whenever you watch a game of any sport, play to predict the outcome, you’re already somewhat familiar with the modus operandi of this game of chance. Sports betting is a type of betting that involves trying to predict the outcome of sporting competitions, which can be on different types of sports, both nationally and internationally, and even on specific events during a match.

History of sports betting

If we look back for a moment, where do you think the origins of sports betting might lie? Let’s give you a hint: think back to a time when sports competitions were a big event and – that’s right! The Olympic Games in Greece. And after them, the Roman Empire would do the same in the Roman circuses with gladiatorial combats.

How does online sports betting work?

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As you might imagine, online sports betting is the same as physical sports betting, but over the internet, which has other advantages, such as being able to play without having to leave your home, when, where and from the device of your choice. In order to be able to place sports bets online, you must register at the online bookmaker you want to bet at, as long as you meet the requirements for registration, such as being of legal age.

On the other hand, something that all online bookmakers tend to have in common is that we require a minimum deposit, which is usually between one and ten euros. When you sign up, your chosen bookmaker, such as Golden Park, may give you a welcome bonus. The winnings are the result of adding the amount you have invested in the bet and your net winnings and, of course, if you don’t win, you will only lose the amount you have risked.

How to place sports bets online?

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Now that you know how sports betting works, it’s time to explain how to play sports betting online. How to place sports bets online? The procedure is very simple. Here is a step-by-step explanation:

  1. Choose the event you want to play on: at Golden Park, for example, we have a complete calendar with the matches you can bet on. Your first step in placing online sports bets will be to choose the competition you want to place your bet on.
  2. Choose your bet: now you will see the betting options available. At Golden Park, we offer multiple possibilities, such as: betting on who will be the winner, betting on handicap, betting on the method of classification, who will score the last goal, the margin of victory, the results at half-time, the exact result, etc., and you can also choose to place single, combined or system bets.
  3. Set the amount to bet: when you make your selection(s), a window will open on the right where you will have to set the amount to bet for each of your selections, as well as the type of bet. If you notice, right next to it you will see the potential winnings that can be obtained by matching the amount indicated.
  4. Confirm your bet: the last step is to click on Bet to confirm your bet, which will appear in your private area.

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